Blood, Sweat, and Heels New Season 2014 Review

Blood, Sweat, and Heels New Season 2014 Review

From Left to Right: Demetria Lucas, Micah Hughes, Daisy Lewellyn, Melissa Ford, Brie Bythewood, and Geneva Thomas.

Oh where to begin?? Basically this is a show about 6 women in New York…from Harlem to Brooklyn, who have made a name for themselves in different industries and have been very successful doing so. From being bloggers, to journalists, authors, models, video vixens, real estate agents, to style experts. These ladies have crossed paths not only professionally but personally have close friendships with one another. Now theres a few things on the episode that kinda took me by surprise. The first thing is the infamous Melissa Ford, now we all know Melissa as one of the most sought out video vixens in the music industry. On the show Melissa is now seeking to be a very successful real estate agent??? hmm.. Now i would never knock someone else’s hustle, but id like to really see how well she can make that transition. Being a famous video vixen for years and years and showing off your body, and wearing skimpy clothing to trying to throw on a business suit and sell properties has to be the craziest career moves ive ever heard of. I mean yes it is very possible, but at the end of the day will you be taken seriously as a business women or will your past haunt you forever? Cant wait to see. Next, I would like to talk about Ms. Micah. All i have to say is set the example for other models and young girls that want to be in the industry. From what the previews show..she has a little drinking problem and that isn’t how a woman running a professional modeling agency should portray herself on national television..a big SMH she gorgeous and has personality, i just hope she gets it together asap. People are watching hellloooo!!!! Lets talk about Demetria…honestly ive never heard about her before this show : / and i honestly can say that from the first episode she will be the main target of many of the ladies on the show. In all honesty my initial perception of her was she plus size, she’s beautiful, and daring. But the comment she made about none of the men she’s been with in her life have never cheated was complete bs to me. Honey booboo child get it together, if you seriously believe no man has ever cheated on you, go get a cat scan. Im going to leave it at that. On the more positive note i do support fellow bloggers which she is so i commend her for that. Daisy, Daisy, Daisy Im sorry yall but this chick is all over the damn place. Her as well i never heard of before the show. But my reaction to her is to find one lane and stay in it honey bc I’m confused. As they said on the show… “You are not Oprah” lol she is just way too glitz and glammy for me. I mean she puts on this persona that theres nothing wrong with her life and everything is all smiles..its pretty fake if you ask me. And her comment about women not being able to lead along with Brie agreeing is such a freaking contradiction because the both of them became independently successful thats why there on the damn show!! Hello!!! Why make a comment about women not being leaders and your on a show that clearly represents women as being leaders…Therefore Brie and Daisy gets no respect from me…maybe they will earn it by the end of the show. Lastly, Ms Geneva. Now from the first show i could definitely say that she seems to be a very friendly, fun, and neutral person. Like some others I’ve never heard about her before the show. She really didn’t stand out to me and i hope that she’s not one of those followers chicks that fall into the other women’s shadow on the show. But i will definitely keep tuning into Bravo every Sunday at 9pm to see whats happens next. Im signing out ladies and just remember to stay true to yourself and don’t ever think you need a man to define you. You are all beautiful so make sure u have “A Beautiful Dey”

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